Instructional Videos

Shin slice Submission from side control March 20, 2015

Hello Ronin Minions,

Today I'll show you a super secret shin slice submission from side control that I hit pretty often.

"What?... huh... that's not possible from side control?"

Oh it's totally possible.  BEHOLD!  (releasing doves)


Sneaky Mount Entry with two quick finishes from Side Control January 25, 2015

Hello Ronin Minions!  (panties being thrown on stage)

In this weeks video I show you how I like to enter mount the opposite direction you've probably been taught and an arm bar or triangle finish to accompany it.

How to correctly escape a heel hook and a sneaky rib compression December 25, 2014

Hello Minions,

In this weeks video I show you how to correctly attempt escaping an outside heel hook.  I also teach you a sneaky rib compression that you can do if someone sits up to hand fight you while you're applying a heel hook.

I mention it several times in this video because I feel it's very important for safety.  You will often times see someone in Jiu Jitsu franticly rolling/spinning out of a heel hook attempt.  Many times getting out of the move by doing this.  It's very important to understand that most bjj practitioners (not all) are not applying heel hooks correctly in the first place.  Trying to spiral out of a heel hook when it's applied correctly can injure you.

Knee bar from bottom half guard - Josh Robinson December 14, 2014

Working on hand speed - Josh Robinson December 04, 2014