Ronin Submissions isn't just a brand.  It's a philosophy.  A style of grappling.  It's the principle that you take advantage of any opportunity using any method.  I do not care about styles and I don't care about points.  Points don't hurt.  Submissions hurt.

I've (Ronin) been grappling for about 17 years and I have always brought a very open minded and dynamic approach to submission fighting.  Typically to the distain of those around me.  I am an autodidact.  Although I've spend nearly two decades in gyms I have very little to no formal training under anyone during that time.  I view grappling as high intensity, real time problem solving.  So, that's what I do.  I sit and try to come up with solutions to problems.  I don't care about IBJJF.  I don't care about winning because I almost passed a guard and I don't care what system is being used.  I care about achieving the only real goal of a submission grappler.  The submission at all costs, regardless of styles.  

Generally speaking I make use of Sambo, Catch Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and the 10th Planet System.  During this time I've developed a particular expertise in leg locks and have become known mostly for being able to catch submissions from positions where there should be little to no advantage.

I will always display things in my clothing to pay respects to the lineage of the systems I employ.  Why the Katakana text?  Much of modern Jiu Jitsu originated in Japan.  The Japanese also have a history of using catch wrestling and have always had a wonderfully creative approach to grappling.  And while we may see the latest UFC show and marvel at the 20k people in attendance.  I still remember watching pride in the early 2000's and their ability to fill 94,000 seats in an arena.

Why the stars?  Well the stars are a throw back to old Catch Wrestling posters.  I employ a lot of catch wrestling into my grappling game and use it with an incredible amount of success.

My goal is to provide quality clothing for those of us in the community and to teach the unique approach to grappling that I have developed over the last two decades.  If you do not want the gear then enjoy the free instructional videos.

Happy rolling everyone and remember, every time you heel hook someone an angel gets it's wings.

Josh Robinson