Sublimated compression gear: Made by a grappler for grapplers.

I understand the importance of clothing that represents you.  That speaks to you as an athlete.  For so long I was forced to buy clothing that was made for runners, or maybe foot ball players or (insert different sport here) and then wearing it for grappling.  It doesn't work.  It never lasts and it doesn't represent myself or the sport. 

I finally decided that If I wanted to have the type of gear I wanted to train in, then I would need to do it myself.  That means designing clothing with a more durable material and heavy stitching in fewer places.  Less seams means less places for stitching to break.  I want lighter tops so my skin can breathe but heavier material blends for the bottoms so that the knees do no wear out on you in 60 days.  

I design all the gear myself and I'll be making additional designs to give everyone more options throughout the year. 
If you do not want the gear, enjoy the free instructional videos that I update almost weekly.

Happy rolling everyone and remember, every time you heel hook someone an angel gets it's wings.